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Welcome to my profile. SERVICE I could go on about my accomplishments and superlative traits - my main concern is making a quality connection with you, giving you my undivided attention and making sure our unique experiences turn into lifelong memories. I am available to a select few. I feel at my best when we plan our meetings ahead of time, giving room for preparation. PROLOGUE Being with me is like meeting your longtime internet crush for the first time.
Usually self-assured individuals, we’re both a bit nervous meeting someone new. We’re imagining what a musical, artistic, adventure-filled future would look like, and how we can maximize our experiences to their fullest. I’m here to help lead us through an unforgettable evening, or accompany you in enjoying quiet time in public or private. Wherever we meet, I turn heads as I saunter across the room. Onlookers shower us with compliments… they are curious of how we became an attractive pair. Sitting at a candlelit table or by suite c…



I am easygoing by nature. You will find my presence refreshing - I’m not here to make either of our lives complicated, and one theme you will see from being with me is that I take life as it comes with joy and cheesy jokes. I’m very good at coping in healthy ways, I am drug-free, nonviolent, and I take pleasure in helping you sprinkle a little happiness onto your routine.

Being in positive and uplifting environments have been a priority since I started taking an International Bacheloreate track. My friends like to call themselves “drama-free” people, it’s actually important that I live this way and surround myself with these kinds of people.

Within any given situation, I know how to keep my emotions in check and find positive outcomes. This keeps you alive - you can manage depression, bad habits, and boredom this way. It helps me manage beta thalassemia symptoms - a stress-free lifestyle is a happy and healthy one.

Also, I believe humans are such delicate creatures who can be b…

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As you know, I am your graceful and petite, ebony, female friend for all kinds of adventure! 

I’m very easy to be with - although I know how to carry myself, I don’t take myself too seriously. Since I am naturally casual however formal when needed, you could easily describe me as a gorgeous princess in the streets and a little devil in... well, you know!
My interests range from dinner dates and romantic weekend getaways, to trying new things in cities or spending quality time indoors. I’m a band geek, so listening to classical music is my favorite thing to do, I stay abreast on current events when I can, and I’m very good turning heads... ;)
People describe me as cute, adorable, kind, smart, a tight spinner like ballerinas in pirouettes. My best features are my sensuality, soft supple skin, demure demeanor, my sweet voice, youthfulness and lightheartedness.

If you are interested in learning more about me, take your time by checking out my social media and hobby board accounts, or ju…
Interview with Anya - Q.1 - Why did you choose “Anya Renoir” as a name?


Anya started out as a stripper name!
I used variants of it as I found my way through sex work.
It started out as Ana, because it was short enough to not spell it incorrectly, and easily retained. As I tried tweaking my persona and looking closer at what kind of dancer, or entertainer I wanted to be, Anya seemed like a more appropriate name. It sounded natural and felt nice to say, and its many meanings stuck to me.

It means “grace,” or “harmonic,” the “melody...” they all apply.


Anya was a reminder of my favorite Moscow-born ballet dancer only because the name sounded Russian. I was supposed to see her one fall evening at the Kennedy Center in 2015. It was a special night in the Box seats, right next to a Russian-speaking couple who seemed important enough to identify! What a night! Ms. Osipova couldn’t perform with her sprained ankle, so an understudy took her place. The adults around me wer…

Scarlet Blue Bio of Anya Renoir


I am your youthful part-time art model and full-time fun companion for both casual and formal adventures.

Have you seen an archetypal character of the saying “ok at many things, but not a master of one thing?” In spite of going through the traditional upbringing where having five or six extra curriculars were necessary - thus the “ok at many” part - I’ve managed to thoroughly enjoy doing one thing - being a good companion, striving to be at my best daily. Good thing there is a greater chance of us being activity partners of some sort. Tennis? Backgammon?

I’m sure you are bored doing the same thing. PreConcert dinners, flying to various locations for shopping, dining, performances and art festivals are de rigueur.
 Let’s do something new... unique, so convoluted and unconventional, like incorporating public play into museum exploration or food play into a gala dinner,
or something more comfortable like spending nights satisfying our quirky needs... nude cuddles in warm throw…

Jimmy Choo London Obsession

We all have a fetish. I don’t necessarily have a shoe fetish - I don’t need to wear high heels in bed to be aroused, but I do feel good looking, feeling, admiring a pair of classic Choos up close and from afar.

What makes these brand name shoes special is their consistent fit, comfort, and grace - every part of the shoe is made to conform to your feet. You would have forgot you've been wearing shoes (unless you’re in a pair of Mayner or 120mm Anouks), and every angle, curve, the overall shape of the shoe is beautiful sight to behold... they don’t look cheap! 
Usually the styles I choose have are a balance of being conservative, they showcase the brands signature pitch, heel shape and impossibly thin spike, and they show off eye catching, revealing high soles, vamp and décolleté. I hate these words... they are — *classy* and *sexy* — adjectives you would attribute to an well-managed gentleman’s club. :)


Yes, it is an obsession. These are only ready-wear, not rare and acce…
The Capitol Visitor Center

The last time it rained, I was catching up with an old friend at the Capitol Visitor Center. From the bright grey overcast, droplets were light and lukewarm falling at a steady rate. My umbrella covered my eyes, I heard nothing but water hitting the pavement, and maybe for every three city-blocks there was no more than a set of hard heels clicking the sidewalk at an even pace - this was serene. My limited view was framed by stone-grey beaux art style buildings, Danby marble lined roads, and the fog fading the distance. There was no better way to collect my thoughts before seeing John.
We were lucky - an attendant patrolling the exhibit behind the Freedom statue (it also standing on top of the Capitol’s dome) matched her stance to ours, side by side facing the miniature model of the building, the post office building and Union Station. “Would you two like to watch the senate?,” she asked with a warm smile. We took from her the two matte-laminated tickets (remin…